Get Found. Be Seen. Go Live.

They call it the World Wide Web for a reason; It's big, it's random and it's easy to lose your way. Studio 1070 has the map to the maze. The keys to the city. The Yin to the Yang. We can take you from the dark road of obscurity to the sweet land of visibility!

Social media can broadcast your brand’s voice, extend your social reach and even build the holy grail of brand loyalty. It’s true and Studio 1070 will give you GPS quality directions.

Here’s how: Ground zero is always a good looking web site with engaging content and a few well chosen keywords. Studio 1070 can give your web site a tune-up or an overhaul. Next we'll pick a few avenues of social media you'll want to get neighborly with. Mix it all together with a frequent dose of relavent content and you've just merged into the fast lane. Give us a ring or send us a text @ 408.634.5182, we're "Here".

  • YouTube

    Going Viral. We think it's secretly everyone's goal. Isn't it?

  • Facebook

    You're a brand baby and Facebook can be your friend or just plain unfriendly. Let us build your personal brand one "like" at a time.

  • Pinterest

    Tap into the estrogen fueled super highway that's Pinterest and pin your way to notoriety.

  • Twitter

    If you're a big personality with a 140 characters and a hashtag, Twitter is waiting for you.

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is the superhero of professional networking ( yawn ). If you work at all, anywhere, you need a current profile on LinkedIn.

  • WWW

    A web site is the core of your online presence . Make it real, let it speak for you and your business will thrive.

  • Google+

    To be honest with you we don't "get" Google+ yet. It's a mess of aquisitions gone wrong. When google+ gets some traction thou we are pretty sure you'll want to be there.

  • Instagram

    Take a picture, tag it, create a consistent message in the chaos of Instagram and your younger audience will follow you like a rock star.

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